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    Struts need immediate replacement when they start showing signs of damage and hence, you will need to find a reliable but quick replacement. Our 24/7 customer service will ensure you breathe easy, by finding the best fit for your vehicle and making sure you are getting the best quality for the price you are paying. 


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    As we all know, shocks and struts are a vital part of every vehicle’s suspension system. Their primary objective is not only to hold the vehicle up and absorb vibration, but also to keep the vehicle from bouncing and maintain wheel alignment with the road for better traction. This is why it’s crucial for an immediate replacement when it starts shredding down and indicating the following symptoms:

    • Fluid leaking 
    • The drive becomes bumpy
    • The vehicle stands unevenly
    • Tires wear out quickly and unevenly

    If you are attempting to save money and bolt on a quality unit that fits and works just right, then that’s an easy job but unfortunately, the rebuild market has a lot of crooks out there who will sell you anything to make good money.

    So how do you know whether you’re getting a good part or not?
    It is hard to tell if you are planning to invest in low-cost aftermarket struts. In this case, you Wouldn’t know it’s quality for certain unless you try them on. As most aftermarket parts lack in quality, they aren’t properly tuned for the original structure of the vehicle. These are the common consequences that may arise:
    • The struts Tends to blow out real quick
    • The drive is rougher and bumpy
    • Mounts higher than their original height

    But the interesting thing about recycled O.E.M shocks and struts is that you wouldn’t need to worry about these issues apart from how much they have been used, this is because the people who built your car or truck spend a lot of time and money in designing the precise parts for your vehicle, hence they last longer and consequently, makes it an excellent choice for saving money. Our expert customer service is dedicated to delivering used O.E.M quality auto parts with fast and free shipping, backed by warranties against all products, so you can have a safe drive every time you turn on your vehicle.

    After all, an educated consumer is the best customer! So what are you waiting for? Just fill in the form or dial (*) with the correct specifications on your vehicle and we will hook you up with the best packages for your vehicle.


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