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    Whether it’s a remanufactured or used fuel injection you seek, for a petrol or diesel vehicle- look no further! We do the research and hunting for you, so that you open your front door to a perfectly packaged fuel injection, designed for your vehicle! All you have to do is send in your request and we will take care of the rest. You can call our customer service at any time on any day, and get all your queries answered.

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    The fuel injector is made up of different parts including a nozzle, valve and pump. The pump pushes the fuel into the valve and then the nozzle releases the tiny fuel particles. The actual fuel injector pump uses high pressure to feed the fuel into the fuel injector. This is very economical for your car, as less fuel is needed overall. Breaker Link can help to source petrol or diesel fuel injectors for all makes and models. So, add your details now and let us do the searching for you. If you are looking for a fuel injector, you may also require related parts including fuel pumpfuel tank or cylinder head, just leave it up to us and we will take care of that too!

    There are two different types of fuel injector, one system has a roto-dynamic pump and one has a displacement pump. It is important that when this part is replaced the right one for the vehicle is used. Regular servicing and vehicle check-ups will highlight if the fuel injector system is not working properly and parts can be replaced as needed. If fuel is not pumped into the engine system efficiently it could result in reduced efficiency, so it is always worth consulting a recognised professional if there is a discernable change in the car’s performance.


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