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    Engine Control Module – ALL MAJOR BRANDS

    These are considered vital parts of your vehicle, so you can be sure that we get them right, every single time! We understand that you would want the best ECMs for your vehicle, and therefore, we provide a warranty on each of the used ECMs we offer, assure you of their quality and as a bonus, also deliver it to you for free! Simply get in touch with us or fill out the form available on this page, and we’ll do the rest!

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    Placed under the dashboard of your vehicle, the Engine Control Module (PCM/E.C.M/E.C.U) is an engine management system or the brains of your vehicle that regulates the engine for optimal performance. The input side of the Unit is connected to the Ignition switch, the vehicle battery, fuses, and a list of sensors such as:

    • Engine coolant temperature sensor
    • Air Temperature sensor
    • Manifold absolute pressure sensor
    • Mass airflow sensor
    • Idle air controller
    • Crankshaft sensor
    • Camshaft sensor
    • Throttle position sensor
    • Oxygen sensor
    • Knock sensor

    The Unit corresponds and interprets the data received from these sensors to govern the output of the Fuel Injection System, Fuel Pump System, Spark Plugs, and the Starter Motor to match the driving patterns of a person.

    If the “Check Engine” light is on, your vehicle is experiencing stalling or misfiring, the vehicle is not starting and there are performance issues, then it’s most likely that your vehicle needs a new ECM. All Auto Part is a team of specialists in Aftermarket standalone ECU and Junk Yard O.E.M units, to bring you the best deals on the exact Engine Control Module at wholesale prices. Our experience comes from the ability to serve thousands of customers who put their faith in us, so we could help them resolve their vehicle issues and most importantly, save money.

    As you already know, investing in a brand new unit would be expensive, and the unavoidable installation charges that add to the total. However, if you are looking for a unit that can fix the issue for good and save you money, then just go ahead and fill in your information with the correct part number or just call us. We will handle the rest!


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