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    Drive Shaft – ALL MAJOR BRANDS

    Whether you need just the drive shaft, or you want to replace an entire driveline system in your vehicle- you’re in the right place! Since the drive shaft is an easy replacement, but an important one, we pay close attention to the kind of parts we help deliver, once you have given us the measurements. We look in more than one place to find a perfect fit for your vehicle.

    Salvage Engine Parts

    If your mechanic suggests that you need a replacement and you are here looking for one, then what if we told you that we can help you buy an “A-Grade” quality drive shaft for half the price, would you still waste time deciding on what you want?

    A Drive shaft is a component of the drive train that is situated in Rear Wheel Drive (RWD), 4 Wheel Drive (4WD) and All Wheel Drive (AWD) vehicles. The objective of a drive shaft in a light vehicle is to relay engine torque from the transmission or transfer case to the differential, which is then distributed to the wheels. If your vehicle is experiencing:

    • Abnormal vibrations
    • Clunking/knocking sounds
    • Difficulty in turning
    • Squeaking Noise
    • Shuddering

    Then these symptoms explain that your part has worn out, hence working your car/truck through constant pressure and disrupting its velocity fluctuation, causing a breakdown in the middle of a freeway, in the worst-case scenario.

    Whether it is a single piece or a 2-piece shaft, it costs a lot less to replace the whole Drive Shaft rather than taking it apart and repairing just the joints. In most cases it is a simple replacement, which may not even require a mechanic, all you have it do is have us deliver your part with the exact measurements (weld to weld) of the one you are replacing and you can probably work on it yourself.  If you know what you’re doing, you might end up saving yourself a tremendous amount of money. With years of experience and a mission towards customer satisfaction, we at All Auto Parts strive to help you acquire premium Used O.E.M Parts, so you can get the best out of quality and price from the best Breaker/junk Yard, O.E.M recycler, Salvage Yards, and many other sources around you!


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