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At Allautoparts.com we carry AC parts for every type of vehicle. We offer the highest quality air conditioning compressors, AC kits, AC condensers, evaporators, and more! We have thousands of AC parts in stock, ready for immediate shipping. Our USA based air conditioning specialists can help you find what you need.

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    A/C Compressor – All Major Brands

    Our website ties up with several different sources nationwide, to offer you top quality A/C compressors, that will fulfil your exact need! What’s more, is that the compressors we offer have been loaded with lubricating oil, preventing the hassle of rust or oxidation. Simply fill out the form and pick your exact compressor, and it will be delivered to your doorstep in no time!

    The Heart of the A/C System

    An air conditioning (A/C) compressor is a small yet complex piece of machinery in a car or truck, which makes it really hard to rebuild one correctly. A recent survey showed that 6 out of 10 people who purchased a remanufactured air conditioning (A/C) compressor landed themselves replacing the same part at least twice. This is a common issue faced by people investing in remanufactured parts, since they are a temporary and a cheap solution as they compromise on the quality, unlike O.E.M (original equipment Manufactured) Part hence they wear out really quick resulting in:

    • Lack of cooling or heating over time.
    • Horrible clanking sounds every time the A/C is turned on.
    • Consumes a lot of fuel to keep it going.

    So, what is the right approach?

    Ideally, a brand new air conditioning (A/C) compressor would be the best option if you are not working with a low budget and manage to find a suitable one for your car or truck, but if you are short on time or the finances for a brand new compressor, then you are at the right place.

    Our team will run your information through our database to find the right Salvage Yard, Remanufacturer and Auto-Recycler near your location to help you buy the same kind of factory-installed compressor or a brand new aftermarket one, with a guarantee of no damages, defects and the lowest miles possible for free.

    Either the salvage yard, the remanufacturer or an auto recycler will reach out to you with their best quote, along with pictures and information on the part. Once you are satisfied with the price quote and condition, the A/C compressor is put through a final service, followed by lubricant replacement before being tested and shipped out.


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